Something can be trendy without being stylish, or have style without conforming to trends. Gucci has mastered the art of incorporating both into their products, a practice that has made them one of the most influential luxury fashion brands in the world. 

A Leader in Luxury

An iconic brand in the fashion world, Gucci’s mission is to take over the luxury industry on a global level. With 550 dedicated Gucci stores globally, it appears that Gucci isn’t far off the mark. 

Gucci creates every type of clothing you can imagine, including accessories and shoes, and even veering into the realms of decor and fragrance. With a new designer at the lead, Gucci is only becoming more popular among consumers who love luxury brands. 

An Italian Institution

Founded in 1921 by its original designer and namesake, Gucci has been a marker of both quality and contemporary innovation in fashion for nearly 100 years. 

Gucci is famous for its precise attention to detail; it’s products are unfailingly high in quality, and help maintain the reputation of Italian craftsmanship for clothing of all sorts. Since new creative director Alessandor Michele joined Gucci in 2015, the brand has become even more popular among younger customers for its eclectic style that bends the rules of style in the name of trendiness without breaking them. 

Gucci Fashion Show

Dominating The Market

If online trends are any indication of popularity (and they are), Gucci sits comfortably on top of the luxury market. With more than a 22% share of search interest for luxury brands, Gucci is getting more attention than close competitors like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. 

This is not to say that other luxury brands aren’t faring well in 2019. In fact, Louis Vuitton is still worth more than Gucci, but Gucci is growing more rapidly than any other luxury brand. Luxury seems to be enjoying a resurgence in popularity, so it remains to be seen how these iconic brands who have long been in competition will fare in a more lucrative time. 

Playing to Its Strengths

Gucci has used the Internet to its advantage in recent years, creating high art images in collaboration with popular Instagram artists. They also maneuver social media comfortably, utilizing memes to their advantage to connect with young consumers. 

Since so many celebrities wear Gucci publicly, the brand gets a great deal of exposure simply by dressing stars at public events, like Lady Gaga’s glittery Gucci outfit when she sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl. 

Lady Gaga

Stirring Social Outrage

In 2019, Gucci faced accusations over a sweater that some felt depicted black face. A company that has always prided itself on diversity and social advocacy, Gucci was reeling in light of this perception from the public. 

Eventually, the brand publicly apologized and acknowledged that they had made a misstep, removing the sweater from its line of offerings. Gucci joins a wide number of luxury brands who have had to deal with cultural insensitivity over the years. 

Growing Rapidly

Though Gucci has long been a fashion icon, it is growing more rapidly than it has in many years. Sales grew by 42% in 2017, and continued much in the same way in 2018, growing by 33%. This growth has landed Gucci on the Forbes list of Most Valuable Brands for 2019 with a rank of 30. 

Despite never falling out of the public eye, Gucci has never seen growth like it has in the last few years. With a renewed stylistic vision, Gucci may yet accomplish its goal of dominating the global luxury market.