Cruelty free is the future, at least if Baggit has anything to do with it.

This handbag company has blazed a way forward for high end handbags that are made not from animal skins, but from alternative products that look like leather. This makes it much more friendly to the environment and a clear advocate for animal rights.

The reason that this company has been successful is because it’s kept a high standard of craftsmanship for its bags, appealing to anyone who appreciates stunning design and durable products. 

Animal Free Leather

One of the things that makes Baggit so popular is that its products are not made with leather, but they look and feel as sumptuous as the real thing. The company has been lauded for its commitment to animal-free designs. It’s even won the PETA Award for its work to lower animal suffering. This is significant, especially in the fashion industry, which has been slow to give up its use of fur, leather, and other animal products.

The vegan market in India is growing by leaps and bounds. Thirty years ago when Baggit was founded, the movement was still edgy and mostly unheard of. Today, veganism is widely known and is only getting bigger. Products like Baggit are seeing a surge in interest and demand. 

Indian Craftsmanship

The roots of Baggit are cut down deep into Indian soil. This is one corporation that has made authenticity a major part of its identity. The fashion sense that the people of India bring to Baggit is what keeps it innovative and fresh. It’s all about being distinctive, about giving the world something totally new in handbags. 

Making these products with both Indian design and with Indian hands is important. It allows the company to stand out from other fashion brands that are more focused on the bottom line than on necessarily doing what’s right. 

The handbags made by Baggit are all produced in local manufacturing facilities. However, this company has a worldwide reach that takes its products across the globe. This is a business that believes in supporting the people that make its products just as much as it believes in maintaining high customer satisfaction. The idea is that the products will be better if the people who make them are treated well. This has led to a low turnover and a highly skilled workforce at Baggit. 

Balanced Approach

Though Baggit is a company that’s got its foot in the latest trends in product composition, it takes a more traditional approach with its advertising and sales strategies.

Baggit doesn’t do the majority of its sales through online merchants, and instead does more than ninety percent through traditional brick and mortar stores. The company targets millennials effectively through digital media, including blogs and social media, but its focus on expansion is always retail first. 

Rather than seeing themselves as selling a product, Baggit positions its marketing as opening doors to sustainability and cruelty-free living for people who are looking for those options.


Holistic, compassionate business that extends from the customer to the worker and even to the materials used to produce the products is what Baggit is famous for. This is a sustainable business model, extending its philosophy of forward thinking to all aspects of the corporate structure. This means living wages, cruelty free materials, and smart marketing. Founder Nina Lekhi brought a distinctive style and sense of utility to the marketplace when starting Baggit thirty years ago in 1990. 

After more than thirty years in business. Baggit has proven that you don’t need to kill an animal to get a great handbag.