Sometimes being the new kid on the block is the best place to be.

Caprese is an Indian handbag brand that’s hit the market with a major splash in the last few years. The company was launched in 2012 by KB Vinod and Sudip Ghose as a high fashion brand, but since then has branched out as a lifestyle brand and is working diligently to expand to markets outside of India. 

Old Company, New Brand

Caprese is a brand of handbags that comes out of VIP Industries, a publicly traded Indian fashion brand that has almost one hundred million dollars per year in revenue. 

VIP employs nearly seventeen hundred workers from its base in Mumbai. VIP has been in business since 1971, starting out as a luggage company before branching out to a whole host of brands. VIP’s family of brands include Alfa, Skybags, VIP, Carlton, Aristocrat, and of course Caprese. VIP has a presence in more than eight thousand locations in India, as well as an international presence in more than fifty countries.  

VIP’s parent company, the Piramal Group, has been in business since 1984 and is run by the Piramal family of India. This multinational conglomerate operates all over the world and in a huge variety of industries. This keeps Caprese stable and funded, giving it the opportunity to expand its brand in innovative, and even experimental ways.

Expanding Branding Through Advertising 

Caprese is working to expand its branding beyond its current niche to reach a larger customer base. This new direction is all about repositioning itself in the marketplace. It wants to reach out to individual customers instead of targeting a wide and general population.

To reach out to its desired audience, Caprese has enlisted Bombay born Alia Bhatt. Bhatt is a young and hip Bollywood star who is deeply in touch with the youth of India.

The target market for the brand is women who are between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five and who have a mid range income.  These women are looking for extremely high quality and international flair, but without the high prices of some rival brands. Caprese is working to strike that perfect balance to maximize its potential customer base. 

The company’s products are right now in department stores and retail shops in more than twenty cities. Some top name shops that sell Caprese are Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, and Pantaloons, as well as several other major Indian retailers. Although it is a widely known brand in India, it still has yet to make its name as large in other areas of the globe.

Caprese is pushing its marketing to the next level with highly creative projects as well as beautifully shot premium commercials. The media blitz includes print, TV, social media, and radio. The company is expected to offer online exclusive products in the near future. This will undoubtedly help Caprese pivot into the global sphere and make its name even bigger.

New Kid on the Block

The line of handbags is wholly inspired by the tiny island of Capri in Italy. This Indian view of Italian fashion is what marks Caprese as different from anything else that’s out there. The handbags are totally unique and boundary pushing. Avant garde fashion that’s accessible. 

Though Caprese is a high end handbag brand, it’s relatively new to the industry. Compared to established names like Baggit, Da Milano, Hidesign, and Lavie, this newcomer is anxious to take on the biggest names in Indian handbag design and sales. That’s not even counting the European, American, and upstart Indian handbag brands that Caprese must compete with.

To stand out in this industry, Caprese has cast itself as something new and something fresh.