The most well made leather goods in India. 

Hidesign offers the top level of custom and well made leather goods anywhere in India. The company prides itself on making pieces that are both unique and that are of the highest quality. 


The techniques that Hidesign uses are a major reason that it’s been so successful through its run of production. 

The company uses time and resource intensive vegetable tanning to bring the color of its leather products to life. This means that the designs hold their color and therefore their value for much longer than cheaper products that are chemically tanned. Hidesign is more than an artisan collective, it’s a leader in research and development in vegetable tanning of leather. 

Hidesign has also brought back very old leather techniques. These include the Marca Punto series of techniques that were pioneered in Florence, Italy hundreds of years ago. Though they are now widely considered to be too labor intensive for modern leather production, Hidesign incorporates them into its embossed leather products. This reflects how much Hidesign cares about the production process. A product that is produced with care is more likely to have a longer life.

Innovation is a major part of this company’s identity. It finds inspiration in Indian, European, and American style and design, with a particular focus on the seamless melding of these cultures to create holistic and unique leather pieces. Its cultural melding is a critical part of its signature process. It helps break down the fact that leather goods and bags are both incredibly universal products, and incredibly individual products.

Disney Magic

Hidesign has partnered with many companies over the decades for special designs, but none is so famous as its partnership with Disney. This delivered a significant amount of attention to Hidesign, as Disney is one of the companies that receives the most attention from the public eye.

This company created a special line of products in conjunction with Disney India to coincide with the premiere of the live action version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in 2017. Hidesign mixed the whimsy of classic Disney characters with the sumptuous leather that it is so well known for. The bags were playful and engaging, with each one having a unique relationship with the characters and scenes it depicted. 

Small Roots

Hidesign started out as an artisan workshop with just two men. The company began in 1978 as a hobby project for founder Dilip Kapur. Kapur had just come back to India after having studied International Affairs in the United States, earning his Ph.D. 

Those first products were unlike anything that had been marketed in the United States or in Europe. Dilip had put his heart into the products, and initially got them placed in a few specialty shops in San Francisco and in London. Each one was individually designed and made by Kapur.

By the early 1990s the brand had spread to department stores in California, Australia, and the UK. Near the end of the decade, the company opened its first Indian boutique store. By then, it had grown to a network of eighty-four exclusive Hidesign shops that spanned twenty-three countries and more than two thousand non-exclusive retail outlets. 

The company has exploded in the four decades since its first production. From two men in a workshop to over three thousand employees spread across the globe, Hidesign has become one of the most respected and sought after leather brands in the world. 

What marks the company as constantly different is the buttery smooth quality of its leather accompanied by the solid brass fittings that have become a hallmark of its craftsmanship.