Handbags are big business in India, and Lavie is on the front end of handbag trends.

The first bag collection from Lavie rolled out in 2010. Not long after the launch of the brand, it added a footwear component branded as Fé Lavie. 

Youth Market

Lavie targets young people with its advertising and marketing, working to appeal to Indian millennial women. Part of the push to reach this market comes from Lavie’s attention to international trends. The company is fashion forward, both as part of its culture and marketing and with regard to the designs of the bags themselves. 

Both its footwear and handbag designs are aimed at professional young women who are looking for both form and for practicality. Lavie has found a resonance with the subset of professional young women in India who want to look like what they see on the runway but at a price that’s affordable. 

Creation and Parentage

Praveen Tainwala is the founder of Lavie, which is a brand under the umbrella of Bagzone Lifestyles Private Limited. The brand is based out of Mumbai, India. 

To market its products, Lavie has enlisted several popular Bollywood stars as endorsers. These include Anushka Sharma, Kareena Kapoor, and Kangana Ranaut, who have all been brand ambassadors for the company. These endorsements have been one of the companies main sources of publicity, and have expanded their potential customer base significantly.

The company chooses to consistently change its brand ambassadors to stay on top of Bollywood trends. One tagline of Lavie is “Fickle is fun”, which celebrates the changing nature of hip and hot designs and trends. 

A major portion of the sales from Lavie come from the biggest cities in India, almost half in fact. Sixty-five percent of the sales of the company derive from its brick and mortar retail partners. The rest come from its online presence. The company spends a hefty amount on its marketing budget, upwards of fifteen percent of its sales. 

Wide Range

This company has a wide range of offerings for its customers. Its handbag line includes:

  • Satchels
  • Hobo bags
  • Sling bags
  • Totes
  • Wallets
  • Cross body bags
  • Backpacks
  • Duffle bags
  • Clutches 

The style range is wide as well, including a bespoke line as well as a sporty casual line. What Lavie is aiming for is to become not only a favorite of its customers in one line, but to foster loyalty by giving its customers a one stop shop for their handbag needs. It focuses on providing great options for just about every need and aesthetic, as opposed to creating more general products. This makes it an incredibly customer-friendly company compared to larger and more generic accessory companies.

Quality Over Quantity

This company has intentionally grown slowly over the last decade. Instead of moving quickly, they aim to pace themselves and do their best work possible in every area of their company. They don’t want to lose their sense of quality over quantity.

A major part of the marketing and development plan at Lavie India focuses on high quality both in customer service and in its products. It wants to be accessible to its customers for the life of their purchases, with the hope that these bags will be long-lasting for those customers.

The company only sells its products to customers in India and its territories. It has not yet branched out into the international marketplace, even in its online presence.

Lavie focuses on quality over quantity in its production. With this kind of attention to detail and attention to customer needs, expect Lavie India to continue to grow into a force in the Indian handbag marketplace.