The luck of the Irish is with Linde. 

The Irish might be a stretch, as Linde only has its headquarters in Ireland for tax purposes. This multinational chemical company was created through the merger of Praxair and Linde AG. It’s the biggest industrial gas corporation in the world, both by revenue and market share. It’s publicly traded in the United States and in Germany. 

Linde has almost seventeen billion dollars in annual revenue. It employs almost sixty thousand people. 

Massive Irish Tiger

Linde is massive. The Linde Group of companies has a presence in more than one hundred companies around the world. Under the umbrella of the Linde Group are more than six hundred different companies. It has its hands in research, science, retail, the public sector, and trade. 

This company eats its competitors for breakfast. It bought one of its largest competitors, the BOC Group, in 2006. Linde quickly got rid of the parts of BOC that did not have to do with the gas business, including semiconductors and material handling. 

After Linde bought out BOC, the company became the largest industrial gas company in the world, with more than twenty percent of the market. In terms of size, Linde is closely followed by competitors Air Liquide and Praxair. 

Two Parts

There are two distinct business parts that make up the Linde Group. These include gas and engineering. The gas area includes medical gases and industrial gases. 

Linde Gas has a whole host of products that it creates and markets. These include refrigerants, medical gases, industrial gases, specialty gases, and other chemicals. There are lots of ways that Linde supplies these gases, sometimes in liquified form and other times in high pressure cylinders. It can also offer onsite generators to get its products to its customers. Finally, Linde can get its gas products to its customers through pipelines. 

Linde Engineering builds and designs major chemical plants for industrial gas production. These include argon, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen. The company also offers services through its chemical plants to process natural gas. 

Long History

Linde was founded by Carl von Linde with the title Gesellschaft für Linde’s Eismaschinen Aktiengesellschaft in 1879. The company created refrigeration protocols and systems for the food industry and for the brewing industry. It expanded into lower temperatures shortly after it opened, gaining patents and expanding its operations. 

It’s been known by a wide range of names in its existence, including AGA Medical, Linde Gas Therapeutics, Linde Homecare, Farmando Life and Gas, and INO Therapeutics. It also has a series of established brands under its umbrella that include AGA, MOX, TIG, PanGas, and Afrox, among others. 

The company has gone through a winding and complicated series of divestments, acquisitions mergers, takeovers, and developments. It rebranded itself as the Linde Group in 2006, spinning out its materials and handling services. Its original refrigeration company didn’t last, as it was divested in 2004. Not everything is meant to last forever.

Or is it? Linde has been in business for almost one hundred and fifty years. Its production has been wide ranging and constantly changing. With the company’s ability to mold itself and change, Linde has proven to be a resilient and profitable company.