The Greek god of messengers and information, the guy with little wings on his shoes. He’s known to be a poet, but poetry is not the reason that he’s well known today. Hermès is an international luxury brand based out of France that is beloved by people around the world.

The company makes almost six million euro in revenue each year and has almost fifteen thousand employees worldwide. 

Patron Saint

The patron saint of Hermès is Thierry Hermès, a man born in Krefeld, Germany to a German mother and French father. The family moved to France when he was a young man, and he quickly opened up a shop in 1837 in Paris on the Grands Boulevards where he made gear for the horses of European noblemen. The high quality of his work and the incredible craftsmanship turned his workshop into a hugely popular supplier, winning the shop high awards and increase patronage. 

His son, Charles-Émile Hermès took over for his father in 1880.

It’s the son that is truly the patron saint of the brand, as Charles-Émile changed the nature of Hermès to the rest of Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia, and even the Americas. There was a massive expansion in this era, moving far beyond harnesses and into saddles, then into what would become the company’s signature – leather bags.

Holding the Purse Strings

Hermès has widely expanded its brand in the almost two hundred years that it’s been in business. It started out with bags and saddlebags, but the company is almost unrecognizable int its offerings today. Handbags are still what it’s famous for, but they are hardly the only thing available anymore. 

Today, Hermès specializes in lifestyle accessories, perfume, watches, jewellry, ready to wear clothing, home furnishings, and of course leather. Creative direction is under the guidance of  Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski. 

To keep with its roots, the company’s logo was designed and adopted in the 1950’s to be a Duc carriage with its driver and its horse. This calls back to those early days of making saddles and harnesses. Hermès also has a signature color orange that’s used to unify its advertising and brand image. 

Massive Partners

The company is known for its lucrative partnerships with high end, quality brands. One of the most influential of these has been with Apple. In 2015, Hermès partnered with Apple to create an iconic version of the Apple Watch. The company designed single tour, double tour, and cuff style watch bands to match the elegant design of the technology. 

The company’s partnerships aren’t just with other major corporations. For many years, Hermès partnered with Turareg tribesmen to create unique and stunning specialty jewelry. The motifs from these tribesmen who live in Northern Africa are featured throughout the collection, which has been one of Hermès’ most high profile and long lasting. collaborations. 

Partnerships with top designers have been especially important for the company. It has worked with such notable designers as Jacques Delahaye, Tan Giudicelli, Mariot Chane, Monsieur Levaillant, Catherine de Karolyi, Claude Brouet, Eric Bergère, Marc Audibet, Nicole de Vesian, Bernard Sanz, Martin Margiela, Christophe Lemaire, and  Jean-Paul Gaultier.

The company has managed to avoid major controversy in its almost two hundred years of history. That’s an impressive feat. Though it is dwarfed in comparison to huge brands like Armani and Dolce and Gabbana, Hermès has found its nice and continues to thrive.