Technology of every kind is moving forward at an unprecedented exponential rate, and Panasonic is playing an incredibly significant role in that.

Panasonic has been working to improve and simplify life for businesses, governments, and individuals all over the world through their products. They work in a wide range of industries, from automotive to avionics, education to energy, public safety to government, food service to sports.

Keep Moving Forward

Panasonic has had a significant impact on the world and its technological process. They not only create and sell electronic devices, but they try to put those devices to good use and make the world a better place. They also have been working to improve the healthcare system by creating specialized solutions to medical technology. 

Panasonic has a thorough code of conduct manual to describe their brand values and identity and feels very strongly about buying into it. Their main philosophy revolves around three words: “Visionary, Refined, and Trusted.” They want always to move forward safely and excellently, and always ensure that they have a steady relationship with everyone they are working with.

Illuminating the Future

Panasonic was founded initially in 1918 and started by selling duplex lamp sockets. It was founded by Konosuke Matsushita and continually worked to produce new products and innovate to use technology in different ways until the brand built up its name. Now, the main competitors with Panasonic are Samsung, LG, Haier, Sony, Phillips, and Whirlpool. Of the many, most are a bit younger or were founded around the same time.

Panasonic is currently ranked 131 of the Fortune 500 companies. It ranked 10th, however, on The Forbes Global 2000 list. They work to stay relevant by creating the most up to date and dynamic electronic devices and have an incredibly influential and well-regarded brand.

They recently have been in the news frequently because they have been making new partnership and launching new products. They just started two new camera lenses for the Panasonic Lumin, and also just introduced a mirrorless video camera for non-stop recording. Their technology is also being used by major companies such as Disney, which helps keep them in the public eye.


Panasonic is genuinely a superpower in terms of working to change the world and the United States. Their electronic devices are shifting the way we view the world and are used in just about every industry and field.