Who are you gonna call? More importantly, how are you going to call?

Vodafone is one likely answer if you’re in Great Britain, or even in one of the worldwide companies that it owns and operates. This company is massive, reaching a massive number of users all over the world and with a support staff of almost one hundred thousand employees. Vodafone has services all over the world, and it’s reach grows year over year. Based out of Newbury in Berkshire and with a corporate office in London, the company is run by Nick Read and Gerard Kleisterlee. It’s annual revenue is more than forty-three billion euro each year. 

Sensible Name

The name Vodafone is a combination of the words voice, data, and phone. The word phone is spelled with an unusual spelling to set the company apart. The company chose this name as a way to communicate its intentions right out of the gate to its customers. The idea is that both voice and data are served. 

Starting out in 1982, the company was originally known as Racal Strategic Radio, part of the United Kingdom’s largest military radio manufacturer. 

Wide Service

Its services extend to Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Africa. It’s the fourth largest mobile services company in the world, behind Vodafone Idea, Bharti Airtel, and China Mobile in terms of customers with three hundred and thirteen million. It’s the eight largest company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Vodafone has networks in twenty-five countries, with further partner networks in an additional forty-seven countries. It offers IT and telecom services to businesses in one hundred and fifty countries. 

The Vodafone Group was established in 2007, and at that time Vodafone became a central part of it. Vodafone is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Vodafone Group. Major corporations like Unilever, Volkswagen, and Linde are corporate clients of Vodafone. 

The company has made acquisitions along the way, including Bluefish Communications, Unified Communications, and more.

Controversial Service

There has been some serious controversy surrounding Vodafone and its services. 

During the Arab Spring, the company was accused of shutting down cellular service in 2011. This serious charge reverberated through the company, and several groups battled Vodafone to prevent further disruptions during future protests. 

The company was also accused of illicit surveillance and of breaking consumer protection rules. 

Vodafone has also been implicated in a huge range of tax avoidance schemes in many of its global markets. 

On the other side, Vodafone is also known for its charitable work. Specifically, the company works with the Vodafone Foundation to use mobile technology in order to improve the lives of people around the world who are in vulnerable situations. 

Get Ready

Vodafone’s slogans are an important part of its worldwide advertising. It’s most recent slogans are “Power to You” and “The future is exciting. Ready?” Global advertising campaigns are unified across its markets.

The company relies on traditional advertising in markets all over the world. This includes print media, online advertisements, and more. 

RBCThe future is a place that Vodafone is definitely going. There are several initiatives from the company that are set to propel it towards the future, including pushing into eHealth services. It’s hard to imagine how this company could push into new markets, however it’s entirely reasonable to think that Vodafone is going to continue to grow through its expanding service offerings.