Microsoft Windows most defined values are corporate social responsibility, innovation, and diversity.

They aim to balance their stellar values with their mission to empower people with their technology, and always move forward toward a better solution.

A Window to the Past

Microsoft Windows was initially announced in 1983 by Bill Gates and is a family of operating systems that can be used for Microsoft computers. Windows 1 was officially launched in 1985, and was one of the first attempt by Microsoft at “a graphical user interface in 16-bit.”

Since Windows has come quite a long way. It competes with other major technology companies like Apple, Google, IBM, Oracle, and SAP. Microsoft and Apple were both founded around the same time, and have been in a sort of rat race in pioneering technology since. This is because of the rivalry that developed between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Microsoft Windows was also ranked No. 30 in the Fortune 500 rankings for companies in the United States with the largest revenue.

The Man Behind the Brand

Windows is very relevant in today’s market as it continues to roll out new and improved operating systems. Microsoft works to use these systems to empower individuals and the workforce and spreads wide over industries, including Video Games, Cloud Computing, Social Networking, and Computer Electronics.

Recently Microsoft has made its way into the news as it has announced its Next Generation of Hardware, Windows 10. This product will roll out on October 2nd, 2019, and is already globally anticipated. Its founder, Bill Gates, has become quite the celebrity while he is simultaneously the face of and mind behind the brand. He and his wife are both determined philanthropies and started the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. There is also a new Netflix documentary that was just released to explore the life of Bill Gates.

His high profile and the fact that he is a household name has helped boost the brand of Microsoft. The two are deeply interconnected and help each other thrive and prosper simultaneously.


Microsoft Windows is not only one of the best known operating systems but has one of the best-known CEOs. Bill Gates has truly worked to connect himself and the brand so deeply, that it is difficult to consider one without thinking of the other. This is a large part of his image, and what keeps his brand relevant.